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20 julio 2007

A short chat with Chuck Swirsky, the voice of the Raptors

Chuck Swirsky talked to El Quinto Cuarto about the Raptors. Thank you Chuck.

- What percentage of the success last season is because of the job of Bryan Colangelo and Maurizio Gherardini?

Its a total team effort but let's put it this way. Without Bryan and Maurizio we don't make the playoffs period. They are tremendous.

- What makes Andrea Bargnani a special player?

How many seven footers can drill threes and go to the rim with anger?

- What part of his game do you think he has to improve?

He will be better on defense and on the boards this year.

- What do you think of the new Raptors Jason Kapono, Carlos Delfino and, maybe, Giorgos Printezis?

We may not see Giorgos until next season, but I always liked Delfino slasher smart and a good rebounder. Kapono can flat out shoot.

- Delfino hasn´t showed all his skills in the NBA yet. What do you think will be his role in the team?

Delfino can play the 1 and 2 and 3. Mark it down he will be a btter player for the Raptors than Detroit.

- Is it a good idea to keep trying to get more international players?

My opinion is simple. I don't care where they are from. If they can play they can play period.

- What´s the explanation for the increased number of international players in the NBA. Do they play different or is it just that they are good players?

The international players are skilled and well coached and for the most part are not spoiled as some Americans are.

- You work for the only non USA NBA franchise -after Vancouver moved to Memphis-. Do you think it's possible to have an NBA with European teams?

I would love to see the nba go euro but only if its the right situation for everyone involved

- Do you follow European competitions? What do you think of them: the way they play, and how would it be possible to improve thecompetitions and to make distances shorter between the NBA & theEuropean League.

I see my fare share of Euro ball and enjoy the style of play and respect their skill. Overall though the NBA is the best in the world.