14 julio 2008

Stephon Marbury, un tatuaje para olvidar las penas

Stephon Marbury ha decidido hacerse un nuevo tatuaje para olvidar las penas o quizás para explorar las posibilidades de convertirse en hombre anuncio.
Stephon Marbury bounded off the Knicks New York Knicks team bus at Vegas' Valley High last night - a new tattoo inscribed on his left temple. The "3" logo found on his Starbury sneaker and apparel line is now a permanent part of his bald head.
Y es que los días de Stephon Marbury en Nueva York parecen acabados aunque dice que sigue intentando convencer a su nuevo entrenador:
"I love New York, I want to play in New York," Marbury said. "But I understand the direction they would be going in if that was to happen."I'm supposedly old. But there are 29 other teams. I love New York. I want to finish my career here. I feel I have a lot more to give. But I guess I have to prove that because I haven't been on the court much. You guys are saying I can't play anymore. It's kind of fun. It's a challenge."
¿En qué franquicia podría encajar?

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