29 abril 2008

Declaraciones de Jose Calderón

Recién acabada la temporada Calderón habla (en inglés) sobre su futuro inmediato, su situación actual en los Raptors, sus vacaciones... La verdad es que no se moja en absoluto.

Y mientras T.J. a lo suyo. A él parece que no le mueven de Toronto:

T.J. Ford watched the Raptor season end from a seat on the bench, the player once thought to be an integral part of the franchise's long-term future reduced to being a spectator. It may have been a moment of foreboding, or it may have been nothing more than a decision by coach Sam Mitchell to let Jose Calderon try to steal a victory. It apparently did nothing to make Ford think his future is anywhere but in a Raptor uniform. "I want to be back," said Ford, who played 24 minutes of Toronto's season-ending 102-92 loss to the Magic here last night. "I never said anything about wanting to leave." But Ford's future has to be somewhat cloudy. -- Toronto Star

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