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23 marzo 2008

From UCLA with Love

His father, Stan Love, played for the Lakers and the Bullets in the early sixties. His uncle, Mike, was a musician and achieved huge success with The Beach Boys. Kevin Love is one of the biggest sensations of college season. He´s a freshman for UCLA, he´s the team leader and the center of the media´s attention. Actually that´s not a surprise because his career in high school foreshadowed his success.

Aside from having a NBA body Love has mastered the fundamentals of the game . Since he started playing ball he has dedicated his spare time to perfecting his skills to become a well-rounded player. Although he plays center, his technique allows him to shoot three pointers when it´s necessary, pass the ball to the best positioned player, or get to the best spot for the rebound.

But like everybody else, Kevin Love has weaknesses too. Neither quickness nor explosivity are his strengths and either of them can jeopardize the success of a future NBA career, where a lot of times physical power beats technical excellence. Too slow to follow his defender in a league where, theoretically, he won´t have the shelter of the zone or enough power in a competition where second efforts and gym rats rule. Time will tell.

Pedro Bringas

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